OL-SPSS Combined Statistical Software Solution Package offers value added statistical solution for research, teaching and educational institutions across Sub-Saharan Africa – the most competitive prices, free SPSS training, added value! This opportunity is only available through OLSPS Analytics, who are uniquely positioned to offer an extensive range of services to support their clients’ statistical needs.

OL-SPSS Statistical Software Solution Package for education includes:

Statistic Base plus 14 Add Modules (however we do offer an Academic Site Licence for SPSS Statistics Base & Standard).

Free Onsite SPSS Training Package
Unparalleled expertise in delivering a comprehensive suite of training package offerings, ranging from first-time users right through to tuition for advanced statistical practitioners – including fields such as repetitive analysis, summary statistics, survey-based research and a diverse array of additional topics
Competitive Software Prices
Most competitive prices – as a legacy distributor OLSPS Analytics is able to obtain the best prices for its clients
Highly Qualified Technical Support
Knowledgeable statistical support provided by highly-qualified and experienced staff overcoming some of their greatest analytical challenges.

OL-SPSS Software Value Add

OLSPS Analytics has spent significant resources on the development of additional capabilities within the SPSS software itself, including:

  • R Integrations, Med-Couple Mean
  • R Integrations, Hodrick-Prescott filtering for Econometrics
  • R Integrations, package installer
  • SPSS Statistics Data Library
  • “Statistics Coach” Integrated functionality to enable generation of interpretive reports of user output (currently in development)

Why Educational Institutions choose OL-SPSS Combined Statistical Software Solution Package

  • SPSS is one of the most widely-used statistical software products across a variety of different fields.
  • Traditionally, SPSS has a strong pedigree in academic and educational institutions

IBM SPSS provides a number of key benefits:

  • Teaching: Enabling educators to teach more effectively
  • Analytics: Assisting students to gain the necessary analytical skills which are especially critical in today’s market
  • Cost Effective: Both OLSOLV and the OLSPS Churn Solution are developed in-house, meaning that OLSPS Analytics offers a Churn Solution at a significantly reduced price!


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