Propel is a technology enabled solution that brings a systematic, data driven approach focused on strengthening the mindsets and behaviours of employees for improved performance. It delivers improved and sustained bottom line results by boosting employee capabilities and performance.

OLSPS leverages a proprietary package of smart surveys and clustering techniques to map the organisation’s baseline profile of mindsets and behaviours. Using data science practices and predictive analytics, the Propel Solution statistically connect mindsets and behaviours with KPI and performance data to model the ideal profile for exceptional performance.

Who needs this solution?

Propel’s is industry-agnostic and is tailored to each client we work with. Any organization with a large workforce of sales or service focused teams, and whose performance is dependent on the workforce’s capabilities, attitudes, mindsets, and behiavours will beneft from Propel.

Proven track record

Typically within 12-18 months, our clients strengthen the mindsets and behaviours that drive outperformance by 8-12% pa: resulting in improved bottom line performance of 5-15%

Increase your workforce performance with our cloud based Propel Solution


Leading Australian Financial Services Client

The client invested for many years to achieve a leading industry frontline sales and service performance. To sustain and further enhance their competitive position, they then pursued a new wave of innovations, and Propel was adopted to contribute to this effort. Across multiple business units, Propel identifed and modelled the mindsets and behaviours of the employees that result in superior performance. Translated into actionable information for all bank levels, from senior management to frontline employees, it provided the bank the ability to increase its performance by 15% within 12 months, which in turn led to the renewal of contract and expansion to additional business units.

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