OLSPS VALUE ADDSOLSPS have developed a number of additional, bespoke functionality that extends the capabilities of the IBM SPSS statistical software package. The following software can be bundled with the purchase of IBM SPSS Statistics.


OLSPS Statistical Interpreter

OLSPS Statistical Interpreter is an easy-to-use tool that seamlessly integrates automatic word processing capabilities with IBM SPSS Statistics. The output generated by IBM SPSS Statistics is typically not presentation or report ready. The tables of statistics presented to the user require a substantial amount of knowledge and comprehension to truly benefit from the results. Some IBM SPSS Statistics analyses result in well formatted outputs, however, the results are never presented together with a deeper interpretation that benefits the user, until now.

The SI tool is currently in the form of an extension bundle that is installed directly within IBM SPSS Statistics. Now IBM SPSS Statistics users can obtain numerical results. All the user has to do is select the OLSPS Statistical Interpreter functionality from the IBM SPSS Statistics Output Viewer, and a well-formatted document will be automatically generated. The document, in HTML or Word format, incorporates the main findings as well as meaningful interpretations of the results. With the OLSPS Statistical Interpreter, a user can take a more aggressive approach and tackle their data projects with more confidence.

OLSPS Data Library

OLSPS R Package Installer

The OLSPS Data Library is an easy-to-use standalone file-managing tool that allows the user to create custom organizational structures based upon file links. There are a number of advantages to a link based file system, such as the ability to have multiple, personalised fling regimes relating to a single set, or sub-set, of centralized files.

In the OLSPS Data Library you can manage your IBM SPSS Statistics and Modeler files, as well as other documentation and script files for your project.

The OLSPS R Package Installer allows IBM SPSS Statistics users to install any required R packages for use with R Plugins without having to know how to use R. It does so for R3.2.2 (the base version required for OLSPS value-add extensions), as well as for any IBM SPSS Statistics related R versions (i.e. those related to IBM SPSS R Essentials). It is capable of installing one package or a list of several packages.