Become a Distribution Partner of OLSPS Predictive Analytics Solutions for any Industry.

OLSPS Analytics is looking for partners who are established entities in their respective territories. It is recommended that the prospective partner have relevant experience in the IT sector and have a strong footprint in their local market. OLSPS Analytics’ solutions are of a complex nature and the typical client-base ranges from mid-size organisations to large-scale enterprises across a variety of industries.

Who can Become OLSPS Analytics Distribution Partner?

  • Enterprises with Technical Background (ICT providers, Engineering Consulting, Predictive Analytics Companies, Technical Consulting Companies)
  • Companies with wide range of clients in Government, Telecommunication, Finance, Retail, Insurance, Healthcare, HR, Manufacturing, Energy, Mining, Agriculture, Logistics and Fisheries.
  • Companies which are located in any country beside countries where OLSPS has distribution partners already (South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe). OLSPS Analytics will choose only one preferred Distribution Partner per a country.

Why should you choose to be OLSPS Analytics Distribution Partner?

OLSPS Analytics is an established organisation, boasting the greatest experience in the predictive analytics field in Africa and the Middle East.

  1. Our IBM Gold business partner status provides us access to the latest IBM technologies and information.
  2. We provide our partners with significant resources:
    1. A Team of experts dedicated towards the design, deployment and sale of in-house developed predictive analytics solutions.
    2. Technical support.
    3. Marketing and Sales support.
  3. OLSPS Analytics has a history of completing various successful projects since 1989. With a team of expert data analysts and complemented with internationally competitive prices, this makes OLSPS Analytics one of the most attractive companies to partner with in the field of big data and predictive analytics solutions around the world.

How to become Unique OLSPS Analytics Distribution Partner in your country:

  1. Fill in the Distribution Partner Form below.
  2. The OLSPS Analytics Business Development Manager will contact you
  3. If your company has the required expertise we will then sign a Distribution Partner Agreement
  4. We will arrange a Software Sales course for your company and staff members
  5. We will create logos, brochures and other marketing material
  6. We will help to prepare workshops about our software and solutions for your clients
  7. We will send our data scientists to your country to present on the software and solutions



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