Our mission

OLSPS Analytics strives to empower and inspire organisations to work at the highest level of efficiency by capitalising on the latest predictive analytics and big data technological advancements.

Why join the team

Contribute to OLSPS Analytics’ global impact by joining our highly qualified and creative team of data scientists, system integrators, programmers, project managers and digital marketing specialists.

As an IBM partner, OLSPS Analytics provides all its employees with access to the latest IBM certifications, technologies and knowledge.

Benefits of working at OLSPS Analytics:

• Be a member of a highly qualified and innovative team of professionals

• Gain experience working with large corporations around the world

• Opportunity to work with the latest IBM technologies

• Attain IBM certifications • Attend conferences and hi-tech workshops around the world

• Work with the brightest and most extraordinary people in the predictive analytics industry

• OLSPS values each and every employee

• Conducive environment for individual growth.



Continuous growth:

We have established a friendly and conducive working environment, where employees are continuously challenged to push their creative and technical limits. The encouragement of employee collaboration, as well as the supply of new knowledge and technology ensures that employees are continuously learning, developing professionally and growing as individuals.


Customer-orientated approach:

OLSPS Analytics is comprised of a team passionate to help others, where customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We strive to solve all our customer’s business needs in a professional, friendly manner with solutions that exceed expectations.


We are family:

The team at OLSPS Analytics is not simply a group of professional people working together. We are a family who take genuine interest in the wellbeing of our colleagues and even socialise outside of the office environment. United through similar values and vision, we work together, building on each other’s ideas and collaborating across boundaries to bring the best of OLSPS Analytics to our customers and the world.


Healthy life style:

We are a healthy, nature-loving and active community. Frequently, looking for opportunities to do fun, active activities together.



At OLSPS Analytics we understand and value the additional benefits of a diversified team. We want people of various backgrounds and encourage our employees to be true to themselves, so that we may best learn from our different perspectives.



Marketing and Business Development Intern


Java Developer


SPSS Statistics Freelance Trainer