The OLSPS Sentiment Analysis Solution is a natural language processing model, designed to reveal valuable insights on current market sentiments. Through text mining and computational linguistics, the OLSPS solution is able to analyse extensive amounts of text and derive insights on certain subjects, items, or events. In addition, the OLSPS Sentiment Analysis Solution establishes the source where the sentiments were generated.

Benefits of the OLSPS Sentiment Analysis Solution

Companies can use this solution to continuously monitor customers’ sentiment on the different goods and services that the company offers. If a company has positive feedback, they can use this solution to monitor customer satisfaction. Alternatively, a company with negative market sentiments, can identify key issues that leads to these sentiments with this solution. The OLSPS Sentiment Analysis Solution is also very helpful in political campaigns. By analysing social media feeds, the sentiment of potential voters can be analysed for use by the political party.

Business Insights that help you grow.

The most actively growing part of the web is social media. With the rapid increase of opinion rich blogs, reviews, ratings, recommendations and other forms of online expression, online opinions equips enterprises with real insight into what is driving people, and what they really think in real-time.



Nedbank, one of South Africa’s largest retail banks, approached OLSPS Analytics for a collaboration to monitor customer sentiment on social media platforms.