IBM SPSS Modeler is a powerful data analysis and predictive software that is used in making intelligent business decisions. It provides end-to-end capabilities, such as:

Data importing and merginging from multiple sources.

Supervised and unsupervised predictive models.

Data manipulation and cleaning.

Data post-processing and visualization.

Data export.

All this is offered through an interactive, visual interface with drag and drop functionality, thus alleviating the need for complex coding. Simple data models can be put together within minutes, making the power of data analytics and predictive modelling more accessible.

IBM SPSS Modeler can rapidly provide ROI and enables organisations to proactively and repeatedly reduce costs while increasing productivity.


IBM SPSS Modeler scales from desktop deployments to integration with operational systems to provide users with a range of advanced algorithms and techniques without unnecessary complexity in data transformations.

IBM SPSS Modeler is available in two editions, IBM SPSS Modeler Professional and IBM SPSS Modeler Premium.

SPSS Modeler Professional edition - end-to-end data analytics
IBM SPSS Modeler Premium edition - text analytics, entity analytics, social network analysis

Both editions are available in desktop and server configurations.


More functionality can be unlocked in IBM SPSS Modeler if it is integrated with IBM SPSS Statistics. Prepared data can be exported from IBM SPSS Statistics to IBM SPSS Modeler. Within Modeler, statistical procedures available in IBM SPSS Statistics can be performed. Furthermore, complex predictive models created in SPSS Modeler can be exported and applied within SPSS Statistics.

SPSS Modeler Premium Free for Academics
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