Statistical and Analytical Consulting in South Africa

Bespoke Predictive Solutions and One-on-one Consulting in South Africa

OLSPS has been involved in data science for 30 years and has witnessed the evolution of predictive technology, where terms like “machine learning”and “artificial intelligence”, once the domain of academic journals and science fiction, are now prevalent in every sector.

During this period, OLSPS has been fortunate enough to have broken new ground on some fascinating analytics solutions in a variety of industries. OLSPS’ data scientists have learned crucial lessons about what it means to convert high-level academic know-how into practical and effective business solutions.

Over the last ten years, OLSPS has implemented a number of high- profile, predictive solutions, earning industry recognition and a prestigious award from IBM in the process.

1. Bespoke Predictive Solutions

At OLSPS Analytics, we aim to assist you in accurately analysing and interpreting your data and use machine learning and artificial intelligence to derive and productionise your insights in a way that is customised to your existing systems from small, once-off projects, to large scale, cross industry implementation.

This Service is beneficial in the following scenarios:

  • Analytical expertise: If your data requires complex or challenging analytic methods that demand extensive applied experience.
  • Staying up-to-date: When you have experience with similar projects, but desire a fresh perspective or wish to incorporate the latest methods of design and analysis.
  • Need for a professional, fall-stack data science experience: If you prefer to rely on a professional team of solution orientated data scientists for comprehensive assistance, advice and support regarding all aspects of your project.

2. One-on-one Consultations 

When you require guidance and advice, our one-on-one, once off services are perfect for you. 

This Service is beneficial in the following scenarios:

  • Seeking an advisor: If you have specific questions and need assistance in designing a study, analysing and interpreting your data to obtain the desired answers.
  • Uncertain where to start: When your study involves methods or responses that differ from your usual practices, our statisticians can determine appropriate analysis methods for different types of data.
  • Finding the right direction: If your planned study encounters unexpected challenges, our statisticians can help evaluate various options and provide recommendations.

What do you receive when you use our services?

    1. Ongoing Support: We provide continuous assistance through personalised 1-on-1 working sessions to address your questions.
    1. Data Analysis Report: Receive a comprehensive report containing descriptive statistics and findings from statistical analyses, along with an evaluation of the appropriate statistical assumptions for your study.
    1. Written-up Results: Obtain context-sensitive results presented in clear, concise English sentences. The report includes APA tables, figures, and references to effectively communicate your findings.
    1. Submit with Confidence: We create meticulously analysed, understood, and written interpretations of your data which you can then confidently use in your specific industry.

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